Corporate Development / Challenge

This event is not for the faint hearted but promises to provide skills and experience you will use every day within your business dealings as well as in bringing your team closer together.

In today’s business environment, the best leaders are those who can rise to increasingly complex challenges and demonstrate high levels of adaptability in the face of rapidly changing circumstances.

Working effectively with risk and uncertainty requires an understanding of one’s own unique styles of decision making and of one’s particular default patterns when operating under high levels of stress. It is now widely accepted that the development of greater self-awareness and a willingness to work outside of established comfort zones are some of the most important qualities in the modern work place, as well as in the world at large.

You and your team will be put into a very different world and decision-making skills will be tested in a unique, challenging and very realistic pressured environment. Pangolin Instructors have many years of experience in the Military and working with the media in war zones. It is not an experience you will forget!