All companies have a duty of care to their employees.

Pangolin Group helps them fulfill this duty of care with a wide range of training solutions for staff travelling to or working in unfamiliar, medium to high-risk countries. Our training enables staff to confidently prepare , operate more safely and ultimately reduce the risks to the individual.

All courses are run specifically for individual clients, either at a location of their choice in the UK or regionally if required. We have built up strong relationships with many training venues throughout the world. In 2019 our team delivered training in Kenya, Afghanistan, Mexico, Israel, Thailand, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan , Indonesia , Egypt, Brazil, Nigeria, India , South Africa and the US.

Wherever possible, courses blend interactive lectures, discussion exercises and demanding, realistic practical scenarios to test the key learning points. Courses last from one day to four days and their content is enhanced by up-to-date country security briefings.